Teachers and Parents Supports Use of Gizmos in Schools

students studying using apple laptopsA poll made by Leading Education by Advancing Digital Commission has revealed that a greater number of teachers and parents support the use of technology in classrooms. The result of the survey also shows to support the move that school systems to be more aggressive in addressing that pressing need to integrate the use of technology in classrooms.

The poll is a result of surveying 812 K-12 teachers in the public sector and 883 parents. An astounding percentage shows that 91% of parents surveyed as well as 96% of teachers think that technology will contribute to learning of students of today and the coming decades. The respondents also believe that technology is a necessary tool to enhance learning of today’s American students.

There’s a huge demand towards the use of technology in classrooms given that the iPad and other tablets are increasingly being used as an alternative to college textbooks. Authors are starting to utilize online publishing tools in order to a new kind of textbook where lessons are presented by chunk based on topic compared to current textbooks of today where all lessons are presented in chronological way starting from general to specific.

The move to fortify the use of technology in schools is a response to the worsening quality of education in public school system. It’s alarming to see that public schools lag behind private institutions and schools from other countries. This move also calls for increasing government’s budget allocation on public institutions and policy makers are starting to see how many of the public school programs will benefit from bigger budget.

The survey also show that majority of the parents and teachers (76 percent of parents, 89 percent of teachers) expressed their interest in purchasing a $200 any internet-powered digital device than buying traditional textbook.

While the intention was good and the overall response to all the concerned groups is positive, teachers expressed concerns they are not receiving the needed training to become fully comfortable with the technology to be used in classrooms as well and use them to their full capacity. This has always been a normal response when change occurs and both policy makers and the appropriate government representatives in the education department are working together to make the transition as smooth as possible and help teachers adapt to the changes effortlessly.

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