Online Bookstores as Social Networking Site for Student Learning

twitter iconOnline bookstores combined with social networks will create tools that will benefit students. Online bookstores as social networking sites can be advantageous in the following ways.

The use of social networks can significantly bolster student learning and achievement. This is the findings of a published research by the University of Maryland. According to researchers, students who use the social media build and keep important bonds through regularly connecting with their school friends via social networking sites. They added that when students achieve a sense of connection and belongingness, they will more likely perform better in school.

On the other hand, online bookstores are gaining popularity and patronage these days. This is not surprising because such sites are offering and selling all types of books through the convenience and security of the Internet. Many students prefer using such bookstores for finding and buying the textbooks they need. They not only find convenience; they usually purchase books at lower or discounted costs.

What if social networks and online bookstores combine? That will surely be more likely to benefit students. It seems that the two are fitted for each other. Online bookstores functioning as social networking sites as well will undoubtedly be effective. This is exactly what CourseEasy is designed to work.

Sharing information and security

Social networks are currently popular tools for exchanging and sharing information. However, many students and educators are wary because such social networks can also serve as distractions. Those can be dangerous Websites at the same time because some unscrupulous people and criminals can use the site to defraud and abuse students.

That is how online bookstores as social networks can be advantageous. Internet-based bookstores can only be useful to students who buy books from those sites. Thus, students can only get to interact with other students from their own schools or from others. It will be harder and impractical for posers to invest in buying textbooks they do not need just to distract other social network users. Course Easy is equipped with this feature where students can interact with other students and allow them to buy, swap, and rent textbooks right from the website. This is in addition to many other tools that comes when you get CourseEasy as a platform for student tool interaction, marketplace, and learning.

Trading and reselling books

Another practical and logical use of online bookstores as social networks is for trading and reselling of textbooks. Students can use the bookstores’ Websites to exchange information about the textbooks they use. They may share notes and insights about the content.

Students who have difficulty in finding specific editions of textbooks can use the online bookstores as social networks to possibly find those rare books. Other students may already have finished using their copies and decide to re-sell their books or they may trade those books for other textbooks. They can even have agreements on how to exchange or trade books to their own advantages.

Many businesses who have taken advantage of the unique features of CourseEasy have find it easy for teachers to interact with their students and allow a feedback system that positively reflects students’ interaction with their professors. It also has become a great avenue for students to express their thoughts on what’s working well and not inside the classroom and the entire course syllabus as well. With this, CourseEasy has made possible a true feedback system.

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