iPads as Effective Learning Tools in Classroom

kid holding an ipadThe use of classroom in teaching and learning has been observed in many in many years as a potential alternative to modern teaching and learning. Because skills requirement for the current century changes so as the teaching skills needed to support learning.

Teachers and educational technologists see iPad and similar tablets as viable substitute for teaching students and to gain new knowledge in the 21st century. Schools begin equipping classrooms with the necessary technology to assist teachers in delivering their lessons to students.

It started with college students down to 8th grader and plans are underway to provide the same type of gadgets to kids down that grade level to the preparatory level.

Students now find it amusing to see books that are interactive. It should be able to provide videos and texts as well as pictures to make learning fun and enriching, something that allows students to interact with it in a way that it responds to students questions. Or a book that allows students to raise queries and make other students respond to it.

Many similar pilot projects are being done to support the current trend of enriching student teaching and learning. Many schools now are in constant search for tech-savvy teachers to support the ever-increasing student need of students to support their thirst for knowledge.

Many schools started incorporating the use of iPads and use of gizmos in the classroom to augment learning and to support the various goals of schools in the promotion of technology for student learning and teaching. With the use of iPad, students and teachers no longer have to go to computer labs to watch videos or movie clips since the iPad is equipped with the capability to play video playback. This is very important because it reduces the amount of time teachers have to prepare to setup DVD players or similar devices and also help student focus on their studies and not bothered by transferring from one room to another just to watch video clips or movies.

in our previous blogpost we discussed about the need for more robust educational technology to be applied in current educational setting. The need for new methods and strategies for modern teaching is necessary in order to keep students interested in schools. CourseEasy is particularly interested in this new development and supports every school that does this. Have you checked the latest features of our educational platform and see if this is something your school needs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Breakthrough Tools for Modern Teaching

steve jobs pictureThere are technological advancements in the field of teaching and education that instructors can use for better teaching. We’ve probably seen them already or students have already been using them in classrooms. But exactly these tools are for and are teachers and students really prepared to use them?

We’ve seen this question raised many times in classrooms and academe agree that in order to modernize education, technology has to be utilized. The Internet itself present itself as another avenue to start the modernization process but little has been done in order to take educational institutions with it. While other industries such as engineering, biology, and chemistry has improved a lot for the past decades, education has been stuck in the 19th-20th century.

Education definitely needs a real facelift and many companies such as CourseEasy are doing their share to help both students and teachers to manage their resources and introduce gadgets that will be useful for learning. The universality of smartphones and increasing number of tablet use is an evidence that times is changing and that many students are starting to embrace technology to either advance their learning or make learning easier for them.

Wireless Generation

Have you noticed just how widespread wireless gadgets use is and how wireless technology like WiFi has began to occupy much of our preoccupation with students’ learning? This is because students now have gadgets like tablets and smartphones where they keep notes of what they’re studying and access free eBooks that are part of the Open Source Textbook project.

The use of tablets like the iPad is also starting to embraced by teachers. Many schools now promote the use of iPad in presentation and in helping teachers deliver their lectures while flashing data from their device onto the whiteboard. It’s amazing how this happened in only a matter of few decades considering that the Internet is young.

Innovation Feeds Development

Innovation in any form provide for the continued success and expansion of any industry. Think about all the businesses out there that failed to innovate – they crashed and died. Apple Inc. is one of the many companies that continues to breed leaders that are unconventional, modern, and radical in terms of creating the kind of technology people would like to use today. They somehow dictate the kind of technology people should use rather than predict what the public wants.

Many schools don’t realize the potential positive impact of technology if applied in school systems. CourseEasy has this system where students and teachers can manage their learning and teaching resources respectively in order to amplify academic work. CE operates in a powerful cloud computing technology that makes course planning and selection in a breeze and manage student and teacher’s academic tools all in one place.

Class collaboration has never been this easy and interactive with CourseEasy. It’s a social network and classroom in one. Interested to take your academic status at a the next level? Talk to us today.

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