Plugged-In Generation College Students to Benefit from CourseEasy Technology

college student in a classroom readingFor plugged-in generations like the college students of today, it’s surprising that many of them still prefers the old school printed textbooks. This is startling news shared by National Association of College Stores’s spokesperson Charles Schmidt.

Although the price cut for digital textbooks are way cheaper, usually 60%-70% cheaper than printed textbooks, most students still prefer the old fashioned way of reading their course materials. The result was taken from a poll conducted by NACS. But the data presented may not actually reflect the entire nation or entire students globally but it’s a good reference point to start.

System is Needed

Many college students now prefers to use eBooks rather than the traditional textbooks. The fact still remains that many textbooks are yet to be transformed to a digital format before publishers and students will start to see the benefits of being able to access their course resources in a portable tablet or laptops. This is important in order to amplify the use of eBooks and start doing away with cutting trees in order to produce printed textbooks.

Many colleges and universities started pilot testing many courses and programs in order to see the benefits of being able to make standard textbooks converted to a digital form. Because of this, a system is lacking in order to support the exponential increase of eBook use and help schools organize learning and keep track of students’ performance in one cool, neat computer program.


CourseEasy Technology is equipped with powerful online learning collaboration technology or cloud technology that helps teachers in terms of course planning and students in terms of academic tracking and collaboration with teachers and other students.

We’ve made quite a new advancement already and we’re continually upgrading our system in order to make our learning platform easy to use for students and easy to implement in schools. We have quite a number of schools already who have used the system and we’re proud to see that all of the pilot testing is well-received by the students and teachers in the academe.

We have cloud platform for bookstores that teachers and students can use in order to facilitate learning and make textbook buy and sell easy to accomplish and drive the cost down as well.

To Universities: Don’t let your college students leave your online bookstore

Make them stay by providing the necessary academic tools that they can use to enhance and enrich students’ learning experience. All tools at CourseEasy are all Web 2.0, social design more of like a social networking site where student can easily collaborate with other students and communicate with their professors. Try CourseEasy today and check on the exciting features we’ve developed for you.

Image by Jonathan Pobre