Simple Steps to Choose Good textbooks

textbooks on deskA good textbook can be typically identified as having: the most updated content, the most accurate facts, comprehensive topics discussed and of course, an affordable price. With the increasing prices of textbooks, students cannot afford to buy several books, making find good books even more important. Here at CourseEasy we’ve decided to write some simple tips and steps to help you make a sound judgment in finding or choosing good textbooks.

  1. Check publication date – In the test for accurate and up-to-date of information, the best way to check is to look at the date when the book is published. Generally, a more recent book will have more updated information, as well as be more accurate, as new editions will also edit or remove data that was disproved already.
  2. Browse through the introduction – The first few pages of the book will give you more information of the book than just the title page. When you are browsing through books on online libraries or a bookstore, you cannot really preview the full book – instead you can read the preface or introduction to get an idea of the content. You can also check the table of contents for the outline of topics and the bibliography for books cited or used as resources.
  3. Look for book reviews – Reviews by professors and other students are useful at getting feedback about the book without having to get your own copy. Point your browser to online sites or bookstores that ask readers to share feedback on textbooks.
  4. Compare prices – A more expensive book doesn’t always mean better quality, besides, who would want to spend so much money on books they might only use for a semester? Students on a budget might even opt to not buy books if they are too expensive. Do a compromise and do a thorough search online for deals on the books that you are choosing between – this way, you can get the book you want without breaking the bank.
  5. Professor knows best – There is no better resource than your own professor – he or she will know the course and the topics best, they will also know which books will match his or her teaching style and also, they usually already have a list of good books based on their own research and preparation for class.
  6. Choose the one with extras – Supplementary materials not only give you more value for your money, you are also given more to aid with your study – like CD-Roms and even exercises.

A good textbook is not hard to find. By knowing where and how to evaluate the book, through these simple steps, you can already eliminate other books and find the best one for you.

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