Online Bookstores are Becoming More Social

bookstoreThe online bookstore business is booming due partly to the educational reforms being implemented recently especially with open textbook project. With many textbooks starting to be converted digitally the ways by which they are sold also changes.

This is the same concept we offer here at CourseEasy. We aim to provide college bookstores the tools to make their bookstore from “two-day relevance to all year round”. The entire system is likened to a social network where students can create an account and collaborate with their fellow students as well as teachers. Students are also given the chance to manage and keep record of their GPA and have built-in calculator that allows them to check if they’re meeting their academic goals.

Other tools such as personal bookshelf and Notes, and Semester Calendar are some of the really cool tools that students can use in order to better manage their school work.

If there’s one thing that’s lacking in present-day educational system, active collaboration is missing. Students need to be able to connect with other students so that they can make full sense of what they are studying. Group study is an effective way to learn and better understand complicated concepts in any field.

CourseEasy’s social network interface makes more attractive for students to use the tool because they find the features familiar. And the fact that its familiar it will easily attract users leading to a successful learning ecosystem.

Now bookstores doesn’t have to be irrelevant after back-to-school season. Now schools can improve the relevance of their college bookstore by allowing student to collaborate in a learning community and help them manage their learning tasks and intensify their learning potential and help them achieve more while studying.

All these technology are based on cloud computing and it’s a way to move forward in terms of improving the shape of our educational institutions today. Talk to us to know more about CourseEasy’s proprietary online bookstore system.

Image by Natalia Romay

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