Online Bookstores are Becoming More Social

bookstoreThe online bookstore business is booming due partly to the educational reforms being implemented recently especially with open textbook project. With many textbooks starting to be converted digitally the ways by which they are sold also changes.

This is the same concept we offer here at CourseEasy. We aim to provide college bookstores the tools to make their bookstore from “two-day relevance to all year round”. The entire system is likened to a social network where students can create an account and collaborate with their fellow students as well as teachers. Students are also given the chance to manage and keep record of their GPA and have built-in calculator that allows them to check if they’re meeting their academic goals.

Other tools such as personal bookshelf and Notes, and Semester Calendar are some of the really cool tools that students can use in order to better manage their school work.

If there’s one thing that’s lacking in present-day educational system, active collaboration is missing. Students need to be able to connect with other students so that they can make full sense of what they are studying. Group study is an effective way to learn and better understand complicated concepts in any field.

CourseEasy’s social network interface makes more attractive for students to use the tool because they find the features familiar. And the fact that its familiar it will easily attract users leading to a successful learning ecosystem.

Now bookstores doesn’t have to be irrelevant after back-to-school season. Now schools can improve the relevance of their college bookstore by allowing student to collaborate in a learning community and help them manage their learning tasks and intensify their learning potential and help them achieve more while studying.

All these technology are based on cloud computing and it’s a way to move forward in terms of improving the shape of our educational institutions today. Talk to us to know more about CourseEasy’s proprietary online bookstore system.

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Plugged-In Generation College Students to Benefit from CourseEasy Technology

college student in a classroom readingFor plugged-in generations like the college students of today, it’s surprising that many of them still prefers the old school printed textbooks. This is startling news shared by National Association of College Stores’s spokesperson Charles Schmidt.

Although the price cut for digital textbooks are way cheaper, usually 60%-70% cheaper than printed textbooks, most students still prefer the old fashioned way of reading their course materials. The result was taken from a poll conducted by NACS. But the data presented may not actually reflect the entire nation or entire students globally but it’s a good reference point to start.

System is Needed

Many college students now prefers to use eBooks rather than the traditional textbooks. The fact still remains that many textbooks are yet to be transformed to a digital format before publishers and students will start to see the benefits of being able to access their course resources in a portable tablet or laptops. This is important in order to amplify the use of eBooks and start doing away with cutting trees in order to produce printed textbooks.

Many colleges and universities started pilot testing many courses and programs in order to see the benefits of being able to make standard textbooks converted to a digital form. Because of this, a system is lacking in order to support the exponential increase of eBook use and help schools organize learning and keep track of students’ performance in one cool, neat computer program.


CourseEasy Technology is equipped with powerful online learning collaboration technology or cloud technology that helps teachers in terms of course planning and students in terms of academic tracking and collaboration with teachers and other students.

We’ve made quite a new advancement already and we’re continually upgrading our system in order to make our learning platform easy to use for students and easy to implement in schools. We have quite a number of schools already who have used the system and we’re proud to see that all of the pilot testing is well-received by the students and teachers in the academe.

We have cloud platform for bookstores that teachers and students can use in order to facilitate learning and make textbook buy and sell easy to accomplish and drive the cost down as well.

To Universities: Don’t let your college students leave your online bookstore

Make them stay by providing the necessary academic tools that they can use to enhance and enrich students’ learning experience. All tools at CourseEasy are all Web 2.0, social design more of like a social networking site where student can easily collaborate with other students and communicate with their professors. Try CourseEasy today and check on the exciting features we’ve developed for you.

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Features that Make Online Bookstores as Social Networking Sites Stand Out

japanese manga storeOnline bookstores can opt to function as social networking sites at the same time. Here are features that will make those more helpful and ideal to student learning.

Online bookstores should also serve as social media portals these days. Most of those bookshops are trying to beat and outpace competitors so they have to come out with strategies to entice students. Because social networking is popular among students, why not use it to boost sales of online bookstores?

Social networking can be integrated into online bookstores. By doing so, Internet-based bookstores can better serve the students, who on the other hand can use the portal as another tool that aids their learning. Here are the important features that stand out.

Messaging features

Online bookstores that function as social networks at the same time must have helpful messaging features. These can range from emails, to forums, to instant chats. Students can very well exchange knowledge and information through these features. They can exchange notes and share their learning techniques.

Instant messaging can facilitate better socialization and interaction. It is because students can instantly and immediately respond to what other students are saying. It will be like conversing with them but only virtually. This way, the interaction can serve less as a distraction. Students can still study or read their lessons while chatting, which is in line with the discussion of the textbook. This online bookstore feature is something that is also fully integrated in CourseEasy.

Tracking book purchases

Some students may prefer to interact with other students from outside their community or from other schools. Doing so may be advantageous because they can possibly learn more from them. In typical social networks, it may be harder to do so because there are millions of users worldwide and there can be more posers.

In online bookstores, there can be less or no social network poser at all. Students can be sure other users are also students who purchase textbooks from the online bookstore. They can make new friends or meet other students through checking out and tracking users’ textbook purchases. This way, they can identify other students who also bought and used the same textbooks they use. That can be a good start for conversations and interactions.

Selling and buying textbooks

Of course, online bookstores sell and even buy textbooks. As social networks, they also facilitate selling and buying of books among students. Some books can be so rare and almost obsolete, it may already be impossible to find and buy them even online. But other students may have copies of those that they do not use anymore. Thus, other students can just offer to buy those textbooks.

Online bookstores serving as social networks can also facilitate trading or exchanging of textbooks among themselves. They can agree to trade their old textbooks for books they need this semester. This type of activity can be facilitated by CourseEasy and it makes it even easier than ever to trade, swap, or buy textbooks online as well as track students’ performance in school.

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Online Bookstores as Social Networking Site for Student Learning

twitter iconOnline bookstores combined with social networks will create tools that will benefit students. Online bookstores as social networking sites can be advantageous in the following ways.

The use of social networks can significantly bolster student learning and achievement. This is the findings of a published research by the University of Maryland. According to researchers, students who use the social media build and keep important bonds through regularly connecting with their school friends via social networking sites. They added that when students achieve a sense of connection and belongingness, they will more likely perform better in school.

On the other hand, online bookstores are gaining popularity and patronage these days. This is not surprising because such sites are offering and selling all types of books through the convenience and security of the Internet. Many students prefer using such bookstores for finding and buying the textbooks they need. They not only find convenience; they usually purchase books at lower or discounted costs.

What if social networks and online bookstores combine? That will surely be more likely to benefit students. It seems that the two are fitted for each other. Online bookstores functioning as social networking sites as well will undoubtedly be effective. This is exactly what CourseEasy is designed to work.

Sharing information and security

Social networks are currently popular tools for exchanging and sharing information. However, many students and educators are wary because such social networks can also serve as distractions. Those can be dangerous Websites at the same time because some unscrupulous people and criminals can use the site to defraud and abuse students.

That is how online bookstores as social networks can be advantageous. Internet-based bookstores can only be useful to students who buy books from those sites. Thus, students can only get to interact with other students from their own schools or from others. It will be harder and impractical for posers to invest in buying textbooks they do not need just to distract other social network users. Course Easy is equipped with this feature where students can interact with other students and allow them to buy, swap, and rent textbooks right from the website. This is in addition to many other tools that comes when you get CourseEasy as a platform for student tool interaction, marketplace, and learning.

Trading and reselling books

Another practical and logical use of online bookstores as social networks is for trading and reselling of textbooks. Students can use the bookstores’ Websites to exchange information about the textbooks they use. They may share notes and insights about the content.

Students who have difficulty in finding specific editions of textbooks can use the online bookstores as social networks to possibly find those rare books. Other students may already have finished using their copies and decide to re-sell their books or they may trade those books for other textbooks. They can even have agreements on how to exchange or trade books to their own advantages.

Many businesses who have taken advantage of the unique features of CourseEasy have find it easy for teachers to interact with their students and allow a feedback system that positively reflects students’ interaction with their professors. It also has become a great avenue for students to express their thoughts on what’s working well and not inside the classroom and the entire course syllabus as well. With this, CourseEasy has made possible a true feedback system.

Check out more of what CourseEasy can do for for online bookstore business and school organization by reading our Product section.

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