2013 is Year of Personalized Learning

library with students readingPicking the wrong major is one of the major problems based on the result of the recent studies conducted among college students. It turns out that part of the problem is blamed to federal student loan process where students have to choose their major and put them on the application form before they get the chance to even discuss these to their professors or mentors in schools.

Upon identifying the reasons why many college students fail to graduate or finish their college education the government may respond soon to this dilemma and plan to make changes to the system.

The process is viewed as backwards and is not healthy for many students therefore many educational institutions are trying to figure out how they can better support students given the current situation and how some system changes could affect future enrolment as well as graduation rate.

If you’ve ever heard of Tennessee’s performance-funding model, many schools are encouraged to support students with appropriate program to help them achieve their educational goals instead of encouraging more enrollees in schools. By doing so schools get more state funding.

Tristan Denley and Austin Peay State University (APSU) president Timothy L. Hall pointed out just how effective this new system is as they’ve seen increased number of student graduates for the past five years which is measured at 25%.

Today, education gear towards personalization. There’s no one-size-fits-all modem that works for all types of students. Educational programs are being developed that tailors to each student’s capabilities and interest in order to better assist them in achieving their goals.

The joint project of the New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, called 2013 Horizon Report on higher education, speaks about personalized learning as a challenge for this year. It stated,

“The increasing demand for education that is customized to each student’s unique needs is driving the development of new technologies that provide more learner choice and control and allow for differentiated instruction. Technology can and should support individual choices about access to materials and expertise, amount and type of educational content, and methods of teaching.”

CourseEasy is supporting personalized learning as it helps student make better academic decisions themselves and not because they are pressured by some institutions or people around them. Our academic tools, an academic cloud model, are designed to help each student better manage their academic work and other activities related to their studies.

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